How to prepare for GATE

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. If you basically understand the meaning of GATE, then what do you infer from that ? You will come to know that this exam in particular test the skills and aptitude of all those students who are in engineering or passed engineering and wants to check their aptitude and their general sense. This is the greatest exam for engineers all over India and is the only key to entrance to Good colleges of higher education in Engineering. Lakhs of students appear every year for GATE exam. Last year approx 10.5 Lakhs students applied for GATE paper. And the level of difficulty can also be judged with the fact that only 16 % of total students who appeared for it was able to quality the exam.


How to Prepare for GATE  ?

This is the most basic question , asked almost by every students in engineering who aspire to pursue for higher engineering education or wants togate-2015-exam-preparation go in Govt. Jobs. The reason being that most of the PSU’s has started treating as the GATE score an eligibility criteria for entering in it. In this article I will cover basic thing on how a student must prepare for the upcoming GATE exam.

If you are in engineering, let me just guide you that you must start preparing for GATE right from 3rd year if you are interested in pursuing higher education in engineering or have a dream to study in IIT’s for M Tech or so. If any student truly devote 3rd year and 4th year of his / her engineering for GATE Preparation, there is sure shot chances that you will qualify the GATE exam even with out any coaching or crash course. In case you have completed your engineering, then also time is not a barrier. You just need a one year gap and a proper guidance to clear your GATE exam. Further I am going to tell you how you should proceed on and what you should do, if you are going to appear for the GATE paper in future.

There are several parameters for preparation. I will be discussing these parameters one by one, so as to make your vision clear about it.

  • Understanding Course Architecture

    If you clearly see, there are your gate paper logically consist of two basic section. One section is what test your Aptitude skills and other section is testing your technical skills. So you must prepare your self in these skills should grasp sound knowledge on these factors :

    1. Aptitude Skills

      : Main aim of GATE paper is to check aptitude skills of an engineer. So to prepare for aptitude you need to practice aptitude question. For this purpose you may go some aptitude books available in the market or you may also search some online source of aptitude question and answers.

    2. Technical Skills

      : GATE paper also test your technical skills. These skills consist of what have you learnt in past four years of engineering. If you work to improve your conceptual knowledge of subjects you have covered in your engineering, it can help great for you to score good. I will recommend to follow standard books prescribed in your curriculum to understand your concepts thoroughly.

  • Managing Proper Time table

    :Aim is great, then time management should also be proper. There is a right time to do everything. Right time to study, right time to hangout, right time to eat and all other activities. Managing all these activities in your schedule properly will enable you to prepare good for your exams. Most commonly seen problem while doing so is not incurred while preparing the time table / schedule. Rather the major problem is following it. If you learn to follow your own timetable, it will help as one of the major factor behind your success. Remember that, timetable making is useless untill it is followed. 

  • Analyzing the Syllabus

    Understanding the basics of your syllabus is really a vital part of GATE Preparation. This is just like knowing where is the enemy located in the war, so that it can be found out and targeted. Similarly knowing syllabus properly will enable you the power to strengthen and focus on those particular topics that are important from examination point of view. You can download the latest GATE Syllabus here : GATE 2015 Syllabus for all branches


  • Analyzing the Previous year papers :

    This is also necessary part of your GATE Preparation. If you can analyse the trend of past few years question papers, this will give you prediction idea of what type of questions can be asked and what is the level of difficulty of question asked in GATE Papers. These are easily available over internet. You can also download GATE old papers here : GATE Previous year question papers.

  • The Final Touch

    Getting a good Crash Course :If your preparation is according to some coaching institutions, then this parameter is not for you. However if you have prepared yourself at home by following standard tips for GATE preparation, then here is highly recommended solution for you. There are many coaching institutions for GATE that gives coaching and the crash course as well. It is not mandatory for you to take coaching. But if you are going to appear in the upcoming GATE exam, then you must do a crash course with some reputed GATE Coaching institution. Crash course generally consists of a quick review session with some important tips and tricks for the final war and has a period of around 25 to 30 days. If you attend this course, it will make sure that you have left nothing in your preparation and is ready to write GATE paper.

I hope this articles was useful and will guide you to some extent. As per my knowledge i have tried my best to give best possible answer for the question how to prepare for GATE ? . I hope you are now much clear about it. In any case, if you have some question, or personal doubt about GATE exam or it’s preparation, you are most welcome to connect us on our Facebook page meant for GATE Help Online.

The next upcoming GATE paper is GATE 2015 and IIT Kanpur is the authorized institution for conducting this exam. For this very category, we have prepared few articles on GATE 2015. These are mentioned as follows

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In case you may have any question left in your mind, feel free to ask me through comments. I shall try to reply you at the earliest.

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