AKTU/CAS Summer Internship Lucknow 2019

AKTU which is the abbreviation of Abdul Kalam Technical University is a well known and prominent Engineering/Technical University. It is basically located in the capital of Lucknow city for the state of Uttar Pradesh, which offers various kinds of engineering and the other regular graduation and the post graduate programs.

As the name suggests the University is well known for its engineering and technical education, which attracts the wide numbers of the engineering aspirants not just from the state of Uttar Pradesh but from all over India. There are the numbers of the colleges which are affiliated from the UPTU and offer the concerned education to the aspirant.

As we know that the summer season is on and in this season the UPTU is all set to provide an enhanced exposure to its candidates/students. There is a component of the University which is known as the Centre for advanced studies and which is basically known as the research centre of the UPTU.

The objective of this CAS research centre of the AKTU is to provide the additional exposure of the technical knowledge to all the students who are studying under the AKTU. Now taking the next step the AKTU has decided to extend the purview of this research centre with a view to offer the plethora of the exposure to the students. 

Centre for advanced studies of the AKTU has been provided the additional extension by the AKTU to get into more depth of the research community for the Information Technology education in India.

CAS is a well-known component of the AKTU which is equipped with the world-class modern infrastructure, research ventures along with the team of the highly dedicated team. 

AKTU Summer Internship Lucknow 2019

This year the Center for Research Studies has decided to offer the internship program to its students in the domain of Information Technology. This internship program has been specifically designed for computer science and computer engineering and the computer science stream students,however, the other stream’s engineering students can also participate in the program. 

The program has the additional lab facilities now such as the Google lab, high-end computer labs, cyber city simulation lab etc. It will enable the students to learn the next and the modern end of the technology and make themselves competent to stand before modern technology. 

So, hereby this notification of the AKTU all the concerned students of the AKTU are made informed about this internship program of the University. If you are interested in taking part for this CAS internship program, then we urge you to make the application for the program without wasting any more time. 

The duration of this internship program has been kept the 2 months and if you are willing to make the application for the program, then 5th May 2019 is the deadline of making the application for the program. If you want the additional knowledge about this CAS internship program then we urge you to visit the official website which is www.ca.res.in 

You can get an ample amount of knowledge about this program just by visiting the above-mentioned website, as it has been designed specifically to assist all the concerned candidates. 

In the 2 months duration of this CAS program the emphasis would be at the following domains of the studies.

Below we are listing all the major subject of studies which would be covered in this program.


  • Machine Learning 
  • Google Algorithms 
  • Complete Cyber Security 
  • Thorough Learning of Medical Applications Biological Aspects
  • Networking Security Guide
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Data Mining 
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Software Networking 
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Applications in Iot

These are the major courses of this internship program of the centre for advanced studies, and there would be many other subjects which you will know once you subscribe to the program.

We believe this is going to be an extremely significant program for all the Information Technology students, and thus it should be subscribed by all the aspirants.

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