AKTU One Day Workshop on the Theme Selection of PHd Program 2019

Well, this article is going to be concerned only with those students who are studying PhD course from the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University which is also known as the AKTU. The purpose of the article is to inform all the students studying in the University regarding the date of one day workshop on the theme of selection of PhD problem and identification of research gap.

The motive of the workshop will be to develop the research topics ability among the students, as it’s never easy to select the topic for the research under the PhD program for the students. The AKTU University has the specific and the clear vision for its PhD aspirants to get the decent topic of research chosen by them and then acquired the broad information in that particular field.

This workshop program would be a one day program and is applicable for all the institutions or the colleges, which are affiliated from the AKTU University.The program is mandatory to be joined by all the newly admitted candidates for the PhD program in the academic year of 2018-2019.

The date of this workshop program us 30th March 2019 and it will be conducted at the venue of the AKTU University.The old PhD candidates can also join this workshop program from the timing of the 10:30 AM at the Lucknow campus of the University.

All the candidates who are looking forward to attend this workshop program must register themselves on the timely manner as it is the mandatory program and shouldn’t be skipped by any candidate.

We urge all the candidates to visit the official website of the AKTU University and from their they can fill their respective forms and take out the registration print out.

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