UPSEE/UPTU (AKTU) Rank Predictor Tool 2019

Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination is the routine examination which is conducted by the AKTU University standing as the Abdul Kalam Technical University. This is a very routine entrance exam of the University and is conducted every year for the admission aspirants into the University.

We all want to study engineering and the other courses from our desired University and for that we try our level best to seek admission such University. Each and every University has its norms of granting the admissions to the aspirants, and when it comes to the AKTU then UPSEE is the only parameter by which the University offers the admissions to the aspirants.

UPSEE is basically a mandatory exam which has to be undertaken by all the admission aspirants either they are seeking admission into the engineering courses or in the other graduates or the post graduate courses. The exam is undertaken by the masses of the aspirants to try out their luck in the examination. 

When we talk about any entrance exam such as UPSEE or any other exam then there is the term which is known by the name of rank predictor which is being used at a very massive scale now.The rank predictor tool basically has the purpose of predicting the rank for all the aspirants who have undertaken any entrance exam. 

In the similar manner the predictor tool is also famous among the aspirants and is used by the majority of the aspirants. This tool basically asks the aspirants about their UPSEE exam’s performance and then on the basis of that performance it depicts or predicts the rank to the aspirants. 

This tool is also known as the UPSEE rank and branch predictor since once the aspirants have their ranks in hand then they can easily guess their college branch of the admission. This is why the rank predictor has become a very useful tool for all the aspirants and we also urge you to use this tool and make the most of it. 

So, if you are wondering about the UPSEE rank predictor and are looking for the more information on the tool then you are reading the right article. In this article we are basically going to discuss about this tool in a through manner, so that you can have the ample information about this tool and then can use it for your own concern.


How to Use UPSEE/UPTU Rank Predictor 2019


Well, the UPSEE 2019 exam is just approaching in the month of April and this is the time where the aspirants are busy in preparing for their exams. There is the large base of the aspirants who are looking forward to give a try to this tool once their exams are over.

We have received the query from the aspirants to provide them with the easy guide of using this AKTU rank predictor tool. Keeping it in our consideration here is our step by step guide by which you can use this tool.


  • You need to understand that this tool has been designed by some other third parties such as the UPTU KHABAR and thus you will need to visit their website in order to access this tool.
  • Visit their website in your Google web browser and once you are at the homepage of the site then there you will see an icon as the UPTU rank predictor.
  • Click on that icon and then you will be required to create your new user account to use the tool.
  • Once you are done with the account then in the main fields you will be required to provide the UPSEE exam’s information.
  • The information would be that how many questions were attempted by you etc and then this information is used to predict your rank.
  • You are advised to provide the information with the utmost accuracy and then submit it.
  • After the submission your predicted rank would be displayed on your computer screen which you can consider as the probable rank for your UPSEE exam.

Benefits of UPTU 2019 Rank Predictor

UPSEE college predictor or the rank predictor may be a very fruitful tool if you just analyse its benefits from the perspective of an aspirant. The tool can serve many of your purposes before the official rank announcement of the University.

Here we are listing down the major benefits of this tool for your consideration. 


  • Using the UPSEE rank predictor tool you won’t have to wait for your official rank announcement from the University as you would already be having the idea about it and thus you would be able to save plenty of your time.
  • If you want to prepare for your admission into the desired colleges then this tool will let you do that very easily by its early rank prediction.
  • You can analyse the relationship between your performance and the predicted rank by this tool which will provide you the measure about the prevailing competition in this domain.
  • This tool can also be used by the aspirants to check the pattern of the exam and then the rank allocation system of the University can also be understood. 

Highlights of UPSEE/AKTU Rank Predictor 2019

We have already discussed about the Significance of UPSEE rank vs branch predictor that how this tool can benefit any aspirant who is going to appear in this exam. Now there are some other points which we feel you must make yourself aware about.

Below we are listing those points for you in the form of highlights.


  • This UPSEE rank predictor tool has been developed solely for the purpose of convenience of the aspirants so that they can be provided with some idea in the context of their ranks.
  • The tool can be used by any such aspirant who has recently appeared in the UPSEE examination.
  • The tool has no link with the admission officials of the UPTU and thus the predicted rank can’t be enforced upon the University.
  • The rank predicted by this predictor uses the exam’s performance of the aspirant as the basic input.
  • There is the scope of differences in the rank ad predicted by the rank predictor and as has been announced by the University. 
  • The tool can be used by the aspirants by reaching at the career 360 website after the completion of the exams. 


UPSEE/UPTU 2019 Result

Result is the important aspect of any entrance exam as after the exam is conducted then it is the result which reveals the score for the candidates and on the basis of that the qualification status of the candidate is announced. In the similar manner the UPSEE total marks are announced by the result of the University. 

If we talk about the expected date of the UPSEE result then it is generally announced a month later after the completion of the UPSEE exam. The probable time of the result is around the end of May or by the beginning of the June.

We urge you to keep yourself updated with the notification of the website in the context of the result so that you can check it on timely manner. Once the notification of the date of result is out, then you can check it by visiting the official website of the University using your credentials. 


UPSEE Cut off 2019

UPSEE admission cut off is the next step which is taken by the University after the result of the exam to grant the admission to the aspirants. If you have no idea about the cut off of the UPSEE exam then you must be aware that by the cut off of the UPSEE exam the minimum marks is announced which is required to be scored by the aspirants.

In other words the cut off prescribes the minimum rank or the marks, which has to be scored by the aspirants in order to get their name for the counselling session.

After the cut off the qualified aspirants are forwarded to the counselling session where they are allotted their admission on the basis of their ranks in the UPSEE exam. Counselling is the last phase of the University in which the aspirants are granted the admissions. 

We highly urge all the aspirants to keep themselves aware with the cut off of the UPSEE exam. It is announced just after the result of the exam and you can check it either by visiting the campus of the University or by visiting the website of the University.

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