How to Prepare for GATE 2015

How to Prepare for GATE 2015

Graduate Admission Test in Engineering (GATE) is an All-India level examination held for students aspiring to take up higher studies and who are interested in pursuing Masters /Direct PHD in India or Abroad. The number of students who will be registering for GATE 2015 is said to be near about 15 lacs. These figures clearly state that the competition is hard and you need to start full focused studies from now on.

Here are few tips to focus for better results on How to Prepare for GATE 2015


  1. Be Determined-

If you haven’t been a sharp student till now in your undergraduate studies and have not been serious for GATE but now want to give to crack it, the very first step for it is to be determined. Be focused towards your goal. Start studying up from right now, you still have 4-5 months. You still have time, make the best of it. Crack GATE, fulfil your dreams .Don’t be misguided.


  1. Prepare well-


Ensure that you have the required notes and the right study material. Consult your professors or faculty at your coaching for the same. Keep your GATE timetable handy. GATE covers the syllabus of 3-4 years of Engineering so some subjects have higher weightage than other. This does not mean that you’ll ignore the less important subjects as they too contribute to the paper. Analyze the focus area subjects as per your branch and the level of command you have on the subjects.


  1. Solve previous years Question papers-


To know the paper pattern and to know the type of questions being asked, try to buy or search for previous years question paper and solve it.


  1. Plan up your strategy-



You need not waste your time on unimportant topics. Know what is more important and study well. You need not give more than 2 hours for a subject at a time. Leaving one subject untouched for long will only waste efforts later. You need to have a proper plan in place and knowledge about the topics as not every topic has equal weightage.


5. Practise well-


Do practise question thoroughly. Practice problems such that whenever a new problem is faced you at least have an idea where to start. You need to be honest with yourself and put the best efforts in place.  Finally, Know concepts instead of remembering them.


  1. Time Management-



Time Management is a very important aspect in cracking any examination rather it be GATE or any other competitive exam. You need to manage your time well. Divide your time in two passes-Solve the question you are sure of where to start from in the first pass and in the second pass try solving question which take a little longer time to solve.


  1. Don’t waste time-



Don’t waste your time in unnecessary works. Manage your time well. Study well now. You can be social later. Cut off your time you waste on social networking or sleeping overtime. Do recreational works. Take a bit of rest like 15 min after 2 hours of studies but not more than that. Remember GATE is all about accuracy and practising more problems will increase your accuracy.


  1. Mock Test-


Ensure yourself for some Test Series or take up Mock Tests online but definitely don’t miss it. Solving a question with no time limit is much easier than solving a question within the given time limit and with immense pressure. Take up the mock tests and preferably during the same time of the day at which the main exam is scheduled. It will make your practise more efficient and fruitful.

  1. Revision-


This is the most important aspect for cracking any examination. Without revision you won’t remain in touch with all that you have previously studied. Study in a manner from now so that you are left with sufficient time at the end to revise well. Make key notes while studying so that you can use them now at the time of revising to cut off the revision time.


10. Eat well and Stay healthy-


It is of no use if you study hard for so long and turn unhealthy during the main exam time. It will ruin all your hard work and efforts. So eat healthy, drink water alot.Be hydrated. Don’t eat too oily and spicy food. It will make you turn clumsy and lazy.


11.Don’t be stressed up-


Stay away from negative people and people who demoralise you. Be positive. Encircle yourself with friends and family members who boost you to achieve your goal and not stress you up. GATE is not the end. Give it your best but don’t get stressed up!


12. Always have plan B-


What if GATE is not qualified?
Although this not should be the question but then if due to some circumstances you are not able to crack GATE with good score then what next.


There are various other organizations which conduct entrance examinations for technical hiring. Some organizations like Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), All India Radio (Prasar Bharti) etc. conduct their own examinations. GATE Aspirants can also apply for such examinations as these exams won’t need any separate dedicated preparation. But these exams will open door to multiple opportunities which can act as Back-Up Plan if you don’t get through GATE with expected scores. Also you can apply with your GATE score in different PSUs.

How to Prepare for GATE 2015.

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