These are the 4 steps analysis for a successful startup

Today, anywhere we go there is a huge buzz about Start-ups. College Students to retired personnels every one wants to be an entrepreneur and believes he has a million dollar idea. It is really alluring. Phrases like Be your own boss, Starting something of my own, Disrupt the existing system etc. sounds quite fascinating. You … Read moreThese are the 4 steps analysis for a successful startup

Awesome steps to Women safety

GIRLS SAFETY  In present time women safety has become a national issue. Women afraid when out walking alone. The bad reality is that our society is becoming violent where the fear of crime ever present. During elections every political party raise the issue of women safety &make belief to the people if they come in … Read moreAwesome steps to Women safety

Effective Techniques to Beat Stress

Do you believe in magic?? if not then definately this article is going to change that no into a yes.In our today section we are takling about the most common problem that has been affecting the lives of a student to a billionarie everyone goes through a phase where they come across the term Stress. … Read moreEffective Techniques to Beat Stress