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 Abhishek ABHISHEK MISHRA is currently pursuing his B.Tech at AIMT, Gr Noida in IT Branch. He want to become an entreprenure to make this world a more better place to live.
You can contact him at:
currently pursuing B.tech at IEC, Gr. Noida in CSE branch. She is a person who want to explore thing’s and learn more.
You can contact her at:
 harshita varun She is currently studing in Inderpratha Engineering College, ghaziabad and a student of  B.TECH Civil Branch.She  like civil coz she like to design and  want to do some creative .She is  very frank in nature n funky types.
You can contact her at :
 neerav tripathi NEERAV TRIPATHI belong to Varanasi and is  pursuing btech from NIET Greater noida.He like to live his life without giving a second thought of what others think about him. He had  been a huge admirer of literature and fiction
You can contact him at :tripathi.neerav@gmail.com
 pritish kumar Pritish Kumar is currently pursuing his B.tech at ITS college of Engg. in Mechanical Branch. He love’s to write on various issue happening in the society.
You Can contact him at er.pritish045@gmail.com
 puneet garg PUNEET GARG is  persuing  B.Tech in ECE from BBDNITM.He is  fond of enjoying cricket and a bit of football.and moreover he  like to pendown his feelings by writing poetry and believe that writing down ur feeling makes you feel light.
You can contact him at :
iampuneet12@gmail. com
 rahul singh RAHUL SINGH is a student of B.Tech  mechanical engineering  at  Vishveshwarya Institute of engineering & technology, Greater Noida .His  strength is reliance , positive attitude , self motivated , quick learning. He  always try to learn new things which  given the opportunity.
You can contact him at :
neha singh Neha Singh is  currently pursuing B.tech from N.I.E.T,Greater Noida. She call herself a  pretty straight forward person with an optimistic nature and  like to be creative and have always enjoyed his life being this way. She love to make friends and live life to the fullest with no holds barred and take every day as a new experience. She is active in social work.
You can contact her at :
 prateeksha sharma PRATEEKSHA SHARMA is pursuing his B.Tech at Galgotia College in EEE Branch.She love’s to write article’s.
You can contact her at :
 shreya suman Shreya Suman is from  DCE, Gr. Noida and  pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science & engineering. She is  a person who believes in the simple joys of life.She has a very poetic way of living life. Her  strength is her self-motivation and hard work . She is a fun loving girl who loves music more than herself and  want to cross the limit of the sky.
You can contact her at :
 shubham gautam Shubham Gautam is in  final yr. of mechanical engineering from Hindustan college of science & technology , Mathura.He  usually spends hours with music of Eminem & Enrique. He like inspiration quotes, which he post on fb profile,and  use whenever he feel negative
You Can contact him at :
 suhita ghatak SUHITA GHATAK is persuing her B.tech at VGT in EN branch.She always dreamt of being writer as writing is one of the main interest and hence she is a freelance writer for about an year. EDITOR
 sagarika saxena SAGARIKA SAXENA is studing B.tech at BBDIT in CSE branch.She is avery fun loving guy,soft hearted and peace loving person.
You can contact her at :
 shaurya dixit SHAURYA DIXIT is studing B.Tech at GALGOTAI COLLEGE in CSE Branch.Shaurya is a very passionated guy who love’s electronic gadget and photography which can be guessed from his photo.
You can contact him at :
 mohit porwal MOHIT PORWAL is pursuing his Btech from Ambedkar Nagar, UP.
He is a talended and dynamic guy
manish pandey MANISH PANDEY is currently persuing B.tech from GNIOT G.NOIDA in ECE  3rd year. He  like computer programming and web development & web designing. He want to help another person. He want to make social network site which is suitable for student and bussinessman.
You can contact him at maneeshpandey41@gmail.com
 kumar ritesh Kumar  Ritesh is pursuing  B.tech in ECE from DCE, Greater noida. He  is a simple  guy who  dream to achieve.
He is a fun loving person.
You can contact him at: kr.13.ritesh@gmail.com
 karthik bhasin Karthik Bashin is currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from JSSATE, Noida. He is  an ambivert by nature. He love’s  Computer programming and his area of  interests are in web development and designing. He involve himself  in reading and writing various  articles of different genres. He love watching and playing football. He want to become a successful Techno Manager and ultimately a proficient entrepreneur.
You can contact him at: bhasin.kartik,.14@gmail.com
 devendra singh DEVENDRA SINGH is pursuing his engg. from DEVBHOOMI College, Dehradune. He is a quick acheaver EDITOR
 avichal sharma Aavichal Sharma, is studing at KIET, in CSE branch . Writing is his  hobby which he had been pursuing from his childhood.You can contact him at:iavichalsharma@gmail.com EDITOR
ankur vishnoi ANKUR VISHNOI  He is a  student of abes-it persuing engineering in civil and is  in 3rd year. Civil has been much of a passion than just studies as everything here can be found and observed around us, so it gives him  a feeling of content to persue civil engineering. His other passions include biking, reading, writing and outdoor games be it any game. He find himself to be a team worker but can also work in such circumstances.
You can contact him at ankur3619@gmail.com
 ankita singh ANKITA SINGH is pursuing B.tech at AKGEC in Mechanical Branch.She love’s to write and want to become a IES officer.
You can contact her at ankitaankita000@gmail.com


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